Considering Special gift for children

Are you puzzling over special birthday gift for children aged 3 years and over? My brother also faces the same when his son's birthday was coming. What are some aspects to considering special gift to children as a birthday gift?. As parents of course we want a special birthday gift that really makes kids happy and also beneficial for brain development.

There are many special gift options for children, which of course is the most popular are toys because at their age the life is to play. There are a few things you should consider when choosing a toy:
1. Must be appropriate to the age of the child,
2. According to the sex of the child,
3. Safety. Be it from the type of material as well as the workings of a toy,
4. Durable,
5. Stimulate the creativity of children.

In general, parents will give the doll for their daughter. Yes, dolls are suitable for all ages, but I'm pretty sure it certainly is not the first doll that had been given to her. Doll is an ordinary gift, not something special. For boys, parents can buy cars like Fisher-Price Disney/Pixar Cars 2 Wheelies 4-Pack . I also believe this is not the first toy cars your kids are having. Toy cars is not a special gift for a boy, I categorized it as ordinary gift unless it does have certain advantages that are not owned by other toy. To stimulate brain growth and creativity of children, puzzle toy is suitable for children of all ages, whether male or female. One of that kind are construction toys consisting of bricks and blocks which are arranged to form a cool object to the child, such as vehicles, buildings or even robots. If you are planning to give a special gift of this kind, the best option would be none other than Lego. Lego is one of construction toys which are very popular and a dream of many children around the world. My nephew always plays Lego with his neighbour mate who has a plenty of Lego collections. Unfortunately none of that set has ever owned by him, till I suggest it to my brother (his parent) to buy him one. He is very happy with the toy. Even his parent become too busy helping his son build brick by brick. The game is created with good interaction between children and parents, and the children also learn to cooperate with others to build a building they had planned. 

Currently a collection of Lego minecraft is available. Although some reviews say the price is a bit expensive, but still deserve to be special gift for your child, as said by k.Groh in the review of this toy, "It is more expensive per piece (and size of piece) than a lot of LEGO sets but sometimes, it's okay to spend a little more for the things that make-our kids really happy. And this does just that ".

One of the review said, “This was a really fun build. Because it is a microworld, you can easily tell what each piece represents as you are clicking them into place. Once complete, it's really fun to create different arrangements with the modules. Even with just eight modules, you have quite a few options. I hope I can get a second one to customize the microworld even further”.

He furthermore said,” I was happy to pay $34.99 for this set. For Minecraft fans, I don't think you'll be disappointed. For Minecraft/LEGO fans, it's simply a must-have. You get 408 pieces, which is about $0.085 per piece. For a licensed set, that's actually below average. Of course, that's probably because it relies so heavily on 1x1 tiles and plates. Still, you get eight 6x6 plates, quite a few bricks, and a brick separator. I thought the brick separator was a nice touch for separating all the tiny plates. There are only three exclusive pieces for the Steve and creeper heads. You get an extra Steve head, so if you add a red brick (or whatever color you want), you can make a second adventurer. To piece this set together on BrickLink dot com would cost about $50-$60”.

If you are really considering a special gift for your kid, consider to buy LEGO Minecraft 21102!

Here are some other sets of Lego collections you may consider too.

Click to enlarge the picture!

What kind of gift do you consider for your children?

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